FCSE Introduction

When it relates to the way the rest of the construction industry builds their structures, there have been no significant advances in the last 100 years. With Inovatec System™ this industry is taking a giant leap in efficiency and cost savings. Although building with FCSEs differs significantly from all other conventional construction systems, the learning curve is very short. Training done by qualified Inovatec System™ experts takes only a few days with non-skilled workers.

The main difference between us and the rest of the industry is that the complete construction of the structure and its components is made out of Fiber Composite Structural Elements (FCSE) elements - no wood, steel or concrete is used in our system.

The material can be thought of as a “sandwich” where the core material is made of rigid foams: Polyurethane or Extruded Polystyrene and the laminate skins are made a thermoset Epoxy Resin and fiberglass reinforcements. The structural properties are provided by the laminated skin (facing material). The multiple layers of fiberglass lamination can achieve strength properties higher than concrete. Different kinds of fiberglass fabric can be used in the lamination process to achieve different engineering properties. The core material provides the insulation properties and some shear properties.



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