Inovatec Kits

  • Complete Advance Construction System
  • Assemble quickly and easily with minimal skilled labor
  • Does Not Require Heavy Equipment, Concrete, Wood or Steel
  • Wind - Fire - Earthquake - Thermal efficient


Our InovatecKits are designed and engineered to provide complete housing solutions to meet the ever-increasing demand in markets worldwide. We have simplified the purchasing process for homebuilders by aggregating today's best building products and packaging them into our InovatecKit solution. Each InovatecKit contains all products necessary to construct a finished home; The products include structural components, plumbing, electrical, lighting, doors, windows, finishes and much more.

They can be assembled with minimally skilled labor and no heavy equipment. Ease of construction efficiency in remote and highly populated is a huge plus. Inovatec System™ manufactures and sources all components. Everything is delivered to the building site for easy assembly. The manner in which each InovatecKit is prepared and delivered, coupled with the proprietary construction system that Inovatec™ has developed, results in unmatched construction speed, quality and affordable cost.

Green House


Inovatec's construction manuals, construction sequences and project plans are included with each shipped InovatecKit. InovatecKits offer speed of delivery, high quality, durability, affordable prices and efficiency far beyond any other home building solution in the market today.


Our InovatecKit is green, sustainable, and can be LEED or Green Globe certified. It is also approved for use in the strictest code areas in the United States, including Miami Dade County, and it also meets the International Building Code Standards.

An InovatecKit, for the average Inovatec house of approximately 1000 square feet, can be assembled in as little as five days with six workers. Larger homes and multifamily or multistory require additional time. They are still assembled quickly and are ready for use in substantially shorter periods of time when compared to traditional construction. On average, we can deliver our structures in 1/5 of the time when compared to traditional construction.

Kit ready to be shipped

Kit being assembled

Kit transportation

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