Inovatec Panel

Inovatec™ manufactures an advanced State-of-the-Art Fiber Composite Panel (InovatecPanel™) using a proprietary specially developed Thermoset Epoxy Skin that includes a strong Fiber blend (InovatecFiber™) and a variety of cores.

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The result is a structural panel that when combined with the hardest polymer based elastomeric coatings can be used to build any type of structure, while meeting all structural and weather requirements. An InovatecPanel™ is a modular, pre-engineered composite structural panel system that provides the highest quality along with warrantable building shells, infill walls, floors, beams, columns and roofs.

  • InovatecPanels™ can be produced in multiple configurations and sizes that can be connected to form almost any dimensional and structural requirement
  • InovatecPanels™ can have all reinforcements designed right into them and installed at the factory when required.
  • InovatecPanels™ can have all electrical conduits and outlet boxes pre-installed, as well as plumbing lines incorporated in the panel or chases attached to it.
  • InovatecPanels™ are converted to InovatecElements™ to construct Beams, Columns, Trusses and other structural elements to form a 100% composite structure capable of withstanding extreme wind and seismic forces.

Because of its inherent flexibility of design, the InovatecPanel™ is currently being used in virtually every type of concrete structure, from sound proof walls to portable communication shelters to school classrooms and even jail cells. The potential applications for InovatecPanel™ are endless because of its ease of use and its high strength properties.

The strength of the InovatecPanel™ system is partially attributed to the combination of a unique propietary epoxy resin system and a blend of multi-axis fiber fabric, which connect each side of the panel.

The insulation in the core of the panel becomes a continuous thermal barrier, when the panels are connected with our InovatecBond™ technology; there are no thermal gaps in the structure. InovatecPanels™ are Energy Star Rated and are a part of the US Green Building Counsel.

InovatecPanels™ are approved in several countries, including the United States South Florida Building Code.


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