Who is Inovatec System

Inovatec System™ is a Composite Building Construction System offered by a multinational corporation with current operations in Brazil, USA and Haiti. Inovatec™'s dedicated team of professional's manufactures, develops, designs and builds solutions made of Composite Structural Insulated Panels (CSIP) for the construction industry.

InovatecElements™ , InovatecResin™ and InovatecBond™ are produced through an industrial process using proprietary, synthetic, and composite materials, similar to those now generally accepted by the marine, aircraft and windmill industries.

InovatecElements™ , made from InovatecResin™, provide a stronger, lighter, and more flexible alternative to traditional construction materials like cement, steel or bricks.

The unique properties of the materials used in our manufacturing process results in InovatecElements™ that are nonflammable, waterproof, and hurricane resistant up to 186mph (300km/h). As an added advantage the built in insulation properties of polyurethane or EPS insulation.

The structures made from Inovatec™ materials can be completed in a few days after a short learning curve, without requiring heavy equipment at the site.

Inovatec's construction solutions can be used to build homes, commercial buildings, warehouses and any other type of structure normally built using traditional construction methods and materials. In addition, due to the properties of the components, Inovatec™ can also be used to build floating homes and offices. Inovatec™ maintains an extensive library of designs for a variety of building projects up to and including homes, schools, commercial buildings, etc., some of which can be viewed on our website. Customers with existing architectural plans based on traditional construction methods can work with Inovatec™ materials.

Miramar factory

US Factory, Miramar Florida


Curitiba factory

Brazil Factory, Curitiba Brazil


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